Digital Projection Home Cinema Newsletter

Innovative Home Media, member of DP’s elite 2011 Reference Showroom Dealer group, recently completed a fully 3D-capable high-end demo theater in Baton Rouge, LA. No ordinary theater by any stretch of the imagination, IHM’s demo theater came to fruition while Prather Warren, owner of IHM, was visiting the 2009 CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Knowing that he needed an impressive demo theater to take his business to another level, Warren agreed to purchase most of Triad’s CinemaPlus demo theater as a package once the Expo wrapped. Armed with an 18-wheeler and the assistance of a dozen people working for two days, the demo theater was dismantled piece by piece, loaded into the truck, driven to Louisiana, and reassembled in a brand-new separate wing of Prather’s home.