Does Upgrading Your Home Network REALLY Matter?


Managed Network

Having problems with a lagging home network in-or-around Baton Rouge? Innovative Home Media, your full-service home electronics and design integration partner for Whole-home Audio, Lighting Control, Motorized Shading, Home Automation and Home Network systems has the solution.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all developed an expectation to be wirelessly connected at all times. Everywhere we go, we look for updates on our smart phone, tablet or iPad, all while working on our laptop. We use these devices to access today’s vast array of digital media such as streaming music, HD video, or even accessing our home automation and security while away.

At the heart of today’s homes, a well-engineered secure wireless and wired network is essential.  As we continue to depend less on traditional entertainment sources (radio, CD, DVD, cable TV) and more on cloud-based entertainment (internet radio, Pandora, iTunes, Netflix, AppleTV, and others), along with Gaming, Remote Access to Work, and everyday on-line activities, a faster, more secure and dependable home network is essential.

High-bandwidth devices place increased pressure on home networks. To meet these requirements, service providers are delivering advancements in internet speeds, but many home networks aren’t equipped to make use of the speeds they offer. Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that we have to evolve with it or get left behind. Our homes need a strong network to meet the demands of the digital age.

Looked at another way; consumer wireless networks were never meant to handle the high demands of the audio/video components currently used in modern homes or businesses. The results being unacceptable Wi-Fi performance, data loss, constant reboots, product failure, and the always-annoying customer service phone calls to Internet providers.

Innovative Home Media addresses this issue by providing high performance, enterprise-class wireless Internet systems that offer high speed, high capacity wireless coverage to your entire home, both inside and out.  These systems can offer your home seamless, reliable wireless coverage throughout the whole house and around the pool in the back yard.  Plus these systems won’t slow down when multiple users are connected at the same time.

Innovative Home Media provides a truly reliable Internet connection, a network infrastructure designed for A/V, superior wireless connectivity, and complete IP power control. Beyond Innovative Home Media’s array of dynamic results, we can also completely integrate with home automation controls. So not only can you have the most reliable network infrastructure, you can also ensure that you experience the very best in control.

Get in touch with Innovative Home Media today to find out more about upgrading your home network systems.